Premier Series - Model 2250

Engineered to be the best. Period.

The Premier Series is designed for large single family homes. This one LifeSource Water System will filter all the water in your entire home.

Provides Delicious, Clean, Odor-Free Water
from Every Faucet in Your Home.
Longest Service Life in the Industry
NO Regular Maintenance or Filter Changes.
Does NOT use Salt, Potassium, Chemicals or Magnets.

Compact Installation Space Required: 18" Width X 66" Height
3.5 Million Gallon Certified Filtration Capacity
Dimensions: Diameter: 13", Height: 62.5"
Power Requirement:  Standard 110v Electrical Outlet within 5 feet of System or  24v Transformer for Electrical Outlets Over 5 feet Away .
Fully Automatic Valve Head
Backwash: ½" PVC to Drain or Irrigation -Must Accommodate 7 g.p.m for a Short Interval.
1", 1¼" and  1½”  Water Mains

1. Regulated water pressure: minimum 40 psi, maximum 100 psi.
2. Protect from freezing if installed outside in very cold climates.

Customer Reviews

I needed an environmentally friendly water system
Tom S. Schey (90291)

I have built some of the most environmentally advanced homes on the west coast.
I needed a water system that conserved water and eliminated the need for bottled water. LifeSource is the best! thanks
Tom S. Schey - General Contractor & Owner

  The Premier Series  
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