Engineered to Protect Your Water

The ultimate disinfection unit for your reverse osmosis system.

ApaPure R.O. unit perfectly compliments a reverse osmosis unit by protecting the tank water from heterotrophic bacteria, all while using no power or chemicals.

Available in 6” or 10” to fit any R.O. system.

Take the Worry Out of Water

The precise engineering of the device and the micron-specific production of the Quantum DisinfectionTM technology inside ensures disinfection performance. In addition to bacteria, the ApaPure R.O. units also reduce chlorine, fluoride and nitrates through surface catalytic reactions. Safe and effective as evidenced by its NSF 42 and NSF/ANSI 61 certification, the ApaPure R.O. device represents a breakthrough in water treatment technology for point-of-entry uses.

Reverse Osmosis
No Power. No Maintenace. No Chemicals.

Available in 6” or 10” to fit any R.O. system.

Flow Rate
0.5 gallons per minute
Post R.O.
Power Requirements
Unit Dimensions
10"x2" or 6"x2"
Min Operating Pressure
25 psi (81.7 bar)
Max Operating Pressure
125 psi (8.6 bar)
Warrantied Life (gal) 10"
5,000 Quantum Disinfection
3,000 Chlorine reduction
Warrantied Life (gal) 10"
3,000 Quantum Disinfection
1,500 Chlorine reduction
Replaceable Cartridge

Bring ApaPure R.O. Home

Clean, Pure Water. It’s why there’s nothing else like ApaPure.

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