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Commercial Scale Reduction Systems

Commercial Salt Free Water Softener

For decades, water softeners have been virtually the only means of treating hard water. Other alternatives including chemical treatments, electromagnets and electronic devices have been available but have proved to be ineffective. LifeSource offers a revolutionary system called ScaleSolver®. This is especially important for boilers in commercial situations.

Hard Water Protection

The LifeSource ScaleSolver with Template Assisted Crystallization® (TAC) is the ultimate high performance scale prevention system for commercial and industrial applications. ScaleSolver systems do not add anything to water, such as salt or acids, while retaining healthy and beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Hard water scale, also called lime scale, forms from naturally occurring calcium and magnesium in water. Scale deposits build up over time and solidify on fixtures, water heaters, boilers and other water fixtures. ScaleSolver conditions the minerals in water as it enters your water system and prevents costly scale buildup.

In commercial installations, such as hotels, apartment or office buildings, ScaleSolver systems reduce or eliminate scale formation on internal and external plumbing surfaces, extend the life of your equipment and plumbing infrastructure, and reduce water spots and streaking associated with hard water.