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Commercial Water Filtration

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

LifeSource Water Systems was one of the first water filtration system manufactures in the nation to build and install custom made point-of-entry commercial water filtration systems. Our commercial systems were primarily designed as a health conscious replacement for commercial water softeners.

In 1990 a demand for salt free water treatment systems began to emerge. Multi-Family housing facility managers needed a water filtration and conditioning solution that reduced scale build up in water heaters and boilers. Additionally, housing residents began to request a salt free, filtered water for taste and health reasons. The first LifeSource commercial filter system installations were very well received by residents in those facilities.

Today, LifeSource water filters are used to improve drinking water and eliminate the need for bottled water in an environmentally friendly way.

Commercial Filter Media
LifeSource commercial water filtration systems use a proprietary, high grade coconut shell granular activated carbon, GAC. Our granular activated carbon removes chemical disinfectants, such as chlorine and chloramines that are present in municipally treated tap water.

Commercial Applications

Multi-Family Housing
Modern multi-family buildings demand modern technology to deliver the best in water quality. Existing building managers are faced with a need to replace non-functioning water softeners. Commercial water softeners waste enormous amounts of water and contribute to the pollution of water resources with excessive salt brine discharges.

In today's hotels and spas, installing a LifeSource water filter system changes the approach to better serving guests. Today's guests want clean good tasting water. Guests object to paying extra for bottled water in their rooms, and expect the water provided to be of the highest quality.

Office Buildings
Building owners and building managers need to protect boilers, heaters and fixtures from scale buildup. Corporations and smaller companies see clean, great tasting water quality as an important employee and tenant benefit and essential piece of their sustainability strategies into the future.

Schools and Universities
LifeSource Water Filter system are used to improve drinking water in cafeterias and administrative offices. Clean water for bathing and drinking is provided in college residence halls and athletic, administration, and health facilities on campuses.