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Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

LifeSource Commercial Water Treatment Systems are a perfect solution for many property-types and business applications including:
  1. Multi-unit Condominiums

  2. Property owners know they don't want to waste time and energy resolving issues with appliances affected by hard water nor do they want discolored or highly chlorinated water affecting retention and satisfaction of their tenants. Property owners will instead elect to have a commercial water treatment system filter and condition the water of their condo units to avoid additional maintenance issues and frustration.

  3. Medical and Dental Office buildings

  4. Medical and dental office buildings require specialized equipment to be able to clean, flush instruments, and treat their patients. Hard water or poor water quality can negatively impact their overall performance in this. A water filtration and conditioning solution is ideal to maintaining office equipment and providing a better patient experience.

  5. Hotels

  6. Hotels require a tremendous amounts of water to operate all the faucets, toilets and showers for their guests, not to mention other amenities. Hotels can dramatically cut operational costs and appliance upkeep while improving guest satisfaction by installing a maintenance free commercial water treatment system on their facility.

  7. Restaurants and Vendors

  8. From icemakers to dishwashers to the beverage service, a restaurant or food vendor can't stop operations when water gets cloudy or an odor. And they need their equipment running smoothly. A water treatment solution can offer a great amount of value to a restaurant so their drink or foodservice succeeds at capturing return business.

  9. Food Packagers and Bottlers

  10. A food packager or bottler wants to make the best product available and that often starts with using the best possible ingredients, including clean, drinkable water. Starting your business operation with water that's filtered and safe for your equipment is as essential to success as having fresh and tasty ingredients and working delivery trucks.

  11. Schools and Universities

  12. Are you growing your athletic program? Do you want school's water supply to be clean, soft and also eco-friendly? A commercial salt-free water treatment solution is available from LifeSource Water that will hydrate your athletes, remove the need for bottled water, eliminate scale buildup in drinking fountains and also taste wonderful.

  13. Gyms

  14. After a hard workout, a drinking fountain can be a lifesaver. But not if the water tastes the same as the pool water. Get a complete commercial water filtering and conditioning system and you will be surprised how your facility attendance improves. If you sell refillable water bottles or squirt bottles, you will also be doing the environment a favor and making additional profits where you wouldn't otherwise.

  15. Laundromats

  16. Hard water can make clothes stiffer and cause scale buildup in washing machines. The best investment one could make for a laundromat business, before the next washing machine stops, is getting a commercial water treatment system to help ensure the clothes stay soft and the machines keep running.
If you own or operate a commercial facility and want to know what water treatment solution cleans and softens water safely with no maintenance, call LifeSource Water for a free, no risk estimate.