LifeSource Commercial Systems

LifeSource Water Systems has been designing, manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly water filtration and conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications since 1984. Our products have earned a Gold Seal certification by the Water Quality Association and have the longest service life in the industry. LifeSource Water Systems improve the overall quality of water while protecting plumbing and equipment from scale build-up.

Our efficient, low-maintenance systems eliminate the need for bottled water, do not use salt or chemicals, or waste excess water in the water treatment process. They are installed by factory-trained plumbing professionals to service entire apartment buildings, condo complexes, mixed-use office buildings, medical and biotech facilities, hotels, spas, restaurants, universities, schools, industrial facilities, and residential homes.

Boilers, water heaters, faucets, and fixtures last longer with LifeSource products because damaging sediments are removed while magnesium and calcium are flushed through your plumbing infrastructure with our ScaleSolver products. Engineers and facilities managers love LifeSource products because they are worry-free and simply work with little or no management resources spent on water-related problems.

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