Commercial Technology

Water Filtration
We have engineered the best, the LifeSource water filtration units provide delicious, clean, odor-free water with no regular maintenance or filter changes.
Safe for the enviornment because our filtration does NOT use salt, potassium, chemicals or magnets and has the longest service life in the industry.  

Scale Reduction
Our Scale Reduction applications feature PowerTAC Media which utilizes Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) technology. Atomic level Templates on the surface of small specially treated polymer spheres transform dissolved CaCO3 to a crystalline form. The crystals are relatively insoluble, effectively isolating the CaCO3 from the water chemistry and anything the water contacts. Extremely efficient - 5 seconds contact time regardless of hardness
level. Conventional Ion Exchange resin requires 90 seconds. No salt or other chemical regenerants required. 


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