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For most of us, healthy eyes are essential to daily life, so it makes sense that people do everything they can to protect them. However, most people never consider how the water they use can affect their eyes. The cornea is at least 80% water, so clearly clean water can make a large difference for healthy eyes. Cleaning your eyes regularly is a great way to keep them healthy and avoid eye infections, but if the water has unwanted contaminants, you could just be damaging your eyes further.

Many municipal tap water systems use chemicals like chlorine to kill bacteria in the water. While the chlorine does its job cleaning the water, it doesn't stop working when it gets in your home. People experience eye irritation after a just day in a chlorine pool and chlorine in your water can have the same effects. Tap water can have double the chlorine that is allowed in a swimming pool. What's worse, the severity of chlorine effects increase with exposure, so the longer you wait to treat the water in your home, the more damage you could be causing your eyes. Similarly, a lack of water can also lead to sore, irritated eyes. People who have easy access to delicious, clean drinking water tend to find that they drink more than they would with the regular tap water, keeping the body hydrated and avoiding problems that accompany dehydration, like dry eye syndrome. With LifeSource Water Systems you'll get treated water that is not only good for your eyes, but also tasty so your body and eyes will thank you.

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