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Everyone has a bad hair day from time to time, but what many people do not realize is that the life and health of your hair is directly related to the type of water you use. The municipal tap water that comes from the shower if often treated with chlorine that can ruin healthy hair. When hair gets wet in the shower, the strands stretch leaving the cortex more vulnerable to contaminants in the water. As an oxidizer, chlorine breaks down hair proteins, bleaches hair colors, and dries the hair to the point of breakage causing split ends. However, not all particles dissolved in water are bad. With LifeSource Water Systems, the chlorine is removed while the natural minerals important for strong hair are retained. Even salons like the John Paul Mitchell School are using LifeSource to give their customers the highest quality hair. With the LifeSource whole house water filter, you can get salon quality hair starting right from the tap.

What's more, the amount of water you drink can also have a significant influence on your hair. Your hair is one quarter water and it uses that water to carry vitamins to the roots and clear pollutants that may cause hair loss. When the body gets dehydrated, water is redirected from the hair to more vital areas of the body. Consequently, there is less cell reproduction at the scalp, which not only slows growth, but also makes the hair more prone to shedding and breakage. With LifeSource Water Systems, you will drink more great-tasting water right from the tap and you can be sure that your hair will show the difference.

The most recommended water system in America.

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