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Hard Water Systems

Hard Water Protection for Your Home
Our ScaleSolver systems do not add anything to your water, you can safely enjoy healthy and benefical minerals. No Salt(s) or Additive(s)

Protect Your Home and Appliances
ScaleSolver protects against hard water scale, also known as lime scale.

Prevent Scale Buildup!
For decades, water softeners have been virtually the only means of treating hard water. Now LifeSource's new system called ScaleSolver changes everything.

Whole-House Water System
With a LifeSource Whole-House Water System you can filter and condition all the water in your home with one system.

Clean Delicious Water
Filtered water is just better. With our whole-house water system you will enjoy clean water from every tap in the house.

Elite ScaleSolver

Premier ScaleSolver

Estate ScaleSolver

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