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As the largest organ in the human body, the skin comes into contact with lots of water. So if the skin is exposed to contaminated water, the effects will be even more damaging. When washing, the skin absorbs the water you use and whatever impurities exist in it, like chlorine. According to the UNC Chapel Hill School of Public Health, byproducts of chlorination, like chloroform, can seep into the bloodstream through the skin while you shower. This massive exposure to chlorinated tap water is worse than drinking the very same water and exacerbates asthma and other skin irritations and rashes.

However, by filtering the water effectively with LifeSource Water Systems, you can eliminate the damaging effects of chlorine on your skin and achieve the benefits that clean, nutrient-rich water gives. With access to great tasting, healthy water, you will drink more giving your skin a bright complexion and healthy glow. In the body, water is responsible for the flow of minerals and toxins. With more water, there is increased circulation of nutrients allowing the skin to look fresh and rejuvenated. Also, this high turnover of skin allows the body to sweat more efficiently so less debris gets clogged in your pores and you can avoid breakouts. Water can have great consequences for your skin as long as it is contaminant-free.

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