Bottled Water

Consumers may have various reasons for purchasing bottled drinking-water, such as taste, convenience or fashion, but most consumers do not consider the potential costs and health risks that consistently buying bottled water can have.

According to the NRDC, one third of bottled waters in the United States, like Aquafina and Dasani, come from tap water anyways. And some substances may prove even worse in bottled water than in tap water. Since bottled water is stored for longer periods and at higher temperatures that water distributed through the municipal system, some microorganisms, which are normally of little or no public health significance, may growth to higher levels in bottled water. And yet despite the increased risk of contamination, FDA regulations on bottled water tend to be less stringent than EPA regulations for municipal tap water. Maybe this is why tap water consistently beats bottled water in blind taste tests.
Furthermore, bottled water costs on average 2000 times the price of tap water. Would you pay 2000 times the cost of anything else? How about a $10,000 pizza? And the cost of bottled water is not just the cost of manufacturing the bottles but also the pollution costs. In the US, enough oil is used in one year making water bottles to fuel one million cars and
80% of those water bottles aren't even recycled.

So bottled water is less tasty, less eco-friendly, often less healthy, but more expensive. Does that sound like a smart purchase?
With LifeSource Water Systems you can fill up reusable water bottles from any tap in the house and guarantee that you are drinking the highest quality water for a fraction of the price!

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