The Fresh Water Cycle

Water on the Earth is constantly transforming from solid to liquid to gas and back again

It covers 75% of the Earth's surface yet most of that water is not suitable to drink. Ocean water makes of 97% of the Earth's water supply and the dissolved salt makes it an impractical option for treatment and consumption. Of the 3% that's left as fresh water, 2% is frozen in icecaps and glaciers leaving only 1% left to sustain the population.

The water cycle has always maintained the balance of fresh and salt water, with growing populations and increasing pollution, humans are decreasing their available fresh water at an alarming rate. Our 1% of fresh water is disappearing and the water cycle simply cannot keep up. The bottom line is we have to do everything we can to make the most of what water we do have. With LifeSource Water's eco-friendly systems, no water is wasted so you can do your part to bring the water cycle back into harmony.

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