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Whole House ScaleSolver

For the past 90 years, water softeners have been the only means of treating hard water. Alternatives including chemical treatments, magnets and other devices have been available but have proved to be ineffective. LifeSource now offers a revolutionary new system called ScaleSolver.

A LifeSource whole house ScaleSolver is a high performance scale prevention system for homes and businesses. Clean, conditioned hot and cold water will flow through your entire home. You will have delicious water for your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room.

Our ScaleSolver system does not add anything to the water in your home. It retains the healthy and beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. A ScaleSolver physically conditions the healthy hardness minerals and converts them into harmless, crystals that do not buildup in household water using appliances, fixtures, pipes and water heaters. Mineral deposits on countertops and faucets will easily wipe off without special treatment.

ScaleSolver Benefits

  • Prevents Scale Build-Up
    Acts as a shield and prevent scale formation on fixtures, water appliances and. ScaleSolver will also reverse existing scale problems.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    ScaleSolver does not use salt and does not produce wastewater or use electricity.
  • No Maintenance
    The ScaleSolver does not require maintenance of any kind.

ScaleSolver Quick Facts

  • ScaleSolver provides salt free scale prevention.
  • The ScaleSolver does not add anything to water and is safe for drinking and cooking.
  • ScaleSolver is highly recommended for tank-less water heaters.
  • Our ScaleSolver descales existing buildup in pipes, fixtures and water heaters.
  • The ScaleSolver system is completely self-contained, no electricity and no wastewater.
  • The LifeSource ScaleSolver improves the efficiency of appliances that use water.
  • Water from our ScaleSolver is safe for landscaping and irrigation.
The ScaleSolver system works best when paired with the LifeSource Water filtration unit. A whole house water filter removes harmful chemicals that will reduce the service life of the ScaleSolver system.

Tested and Proven: Tested in laboratories by researchers at Arizona State University. PowerTAC achieved a 96% effectiveness rating.

The ScaleSolver system will improve the properties of water throughout your home. It's important to keep in mind that the ScaleSolver system is not a water softener.

Elite Series
Elite ScaleSolver Package
The Elite series is made for single family homes.

Home Salt Free Water Softener

Premier Series
Premier ScaleSolver Package
The Premier Series is designed for large single family homes.

Large House Salt Free Water Softener

Estate Series
Estate ScaleSolver Package
The Estate Series is designed for very large single family homes.

Estate Salt Free Water Softener

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