Why LifeSource?

18 Reasons to Love LifeSource!

  1. The only water filter system recommended in the best selling book:
    How to Eat Right and Live Longer by Dr. Cass Ingram
  2. 20 years in the whole house water system manufacturing industry.
  3. Water is our ONLY business
  4. Save money! Deal with the factory
  5. Member of industry organization: Water Quality Association (WQA) since 1984.
  6. Member Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1987.
  7. Member of Building Industry Association (BIA)
  8. Member of National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  9. California licensed Building Contractor #787179
  10. Worldwide customer base
  11. Ten year warranty on tank
  12. Made in the USA
  13. Environmentally friendly 
  14. Self-maintaining
  15. No Salt! No Chemicals! No magnets!
  16. Accept no imitations.
  17. Over 10,000 happy customers in the last 5 years alone! 
  18. As seen on TV, in magazines, and heard on Radio


LifeSource manufactures the best available water softener alternative to salt-based water softeners. The LifeSource Whole House Water System uses NO Salt, NO Chemicals or Magnets and is Maintenance Free. For a water softener comparison.

The most recommended water system in America.

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