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Hard Water – Healthy Nutrient Minerals or Household Nuisance

Ingrid Ingebretsen writes blogs about clean water and water filtration systems for LifeSource Water Systems. Ingrid Ingebretsen

Hard water is simultaneously a household nuisance and a health benefit. Simply put, hard water is just water with a high mineral content. It is created when groundwater percolates through limestone, picking up calcium and magnesium along the way. Hard water has both benefits and drawbacks which leads one to ask the question, do I really want it in my home?

As you may already know, calcium and magnesium are minerals the human body needs to function properly.

Calcium is necessary for building strong bones, maintaining a healthy heart and preventing high blood pressure and diabetes. Magnesium increases your energy, helps digestion and prevents migraines and osteoporosis. By drinking hard water, you get the benefit of drinking healthy nutrient minerals. Soft water that lacks these essential minerals doesn’t offer you the same health benefits as hard water.

While hard water does have proven health benefits, there are drawbacks to having it in your home

While hard water does have proven health benefits, there are drawbacks to having it in your home. For example, the minerals that make up hard water can create scale on your faucets. Scale can also form water spots on dishes and bathtub rings and can cause clogged pipes. It’s also much more difficult to wash things with hard water because it doesn’t lather as easily as soft water. These symptoms of hard water makes it much less appealing to the typical homemaker.

It’s a question many have asked, is hard water good or bad to have in your home?

Hard water has health benefits but it’s a pain when it forms scale. So how can you keep the healthy hard water minerals in your water while still protecting your home from the negative effects of hard water? Water softeners have been the primary go-to solution for this problem but when you have a salt-based system, you need a reverse osmosis system to remove the salt from your drinking water. Due to technology provided by carbon-based systems, you can now get a salt-free, economical and environmentally-friendly solution to hard water problems. The ScaleSolver system preserves the minerals in your hard water while limiting the negative impacts of scale. Different systems will work for different people, it’s all about finding what works for you in your home. Do some research to ensure you’re making informed decisions whatever you decide.


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