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LifeSource partners with your company to find the right solution for water management in your building or project. We evaluate each job in terms of existing and future water needs, flow rates and anticipated consumption, and design a system tailored to the specific circumstances.

We understand the needs of the construction industry and work with many AEC professionals. We help during the design/build phase and assess situations for maintaining buildings. This helps ensure a better return on investment in terms of amortized costs for systems, maintenance, labor, supplies and, of course, water, while providing residents, visitors, and guests with an essential and sought-after amenity – clean, healthy water.

Water Management Assessment (WMAs)

Analyzing your Water Quality and Usage Patterns

The first step towards implementing a LifeSource Commercial water system for your existing building or water softener replacement project is to conduct a Water Management Assessment (WMA). This service takes approximately 2-3 weeks to conduct.

A written summary report is delivered which includes average daily water consumption, peak flow rates, water quality analysis and comprehensive water treatment recommendations. The report serves as a valuable benchmark for owners, facilities engineers, property managers, and HOAs.

Water Meter Application

We conduct a walk-through and evaluate each building’s unique water delivery architecture interviewing key constituents to gather historical data and information. We apply a non-invasive water meter for a period of 7-10 days to assess flow rates coming into the building through main water pipes. The meter also gathers consumption data that helps identify water usage patterns in the building.

Water Quality Tests

An important benchmark in the process of water management is getting a snapshot of your current water conditions. At the same time, we are monitoring water consumption and flow rate data, we take water samples and send to an independent water testing lab to analyze all elements contained in the sample. The results will detect and show levels of any unhealthy or damaging contaminants to the water, highlighting areas where quality can be improved.

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