Salt Free Water Softener Benefits

High-Quality Water for Your Entire Home

Our environmentally friendly whole house water softener alternative requires no regular maintenance. Reduce scale buildup in your home without extra costs or additives. Extend the lifespan of your water-based appliances and pipes - without adding salt or potassium to your water.

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What is in Your Water
For Those Who Matter Most Protect Your Home Reduce Scale Buildup

Protects water heaters, appliances, and fixtures.

Maintenance and Detergent Savings Hassle-Free No Regular Maintenance

We provide filtration systems that need no monthly maintenance and last for years. On average, LifeSource Systems last 4 times longer than other whole-house water systems.

Protect Your Investments Mother Nature Says Thanks Eco-Friendly

Our system saves energy by helping appliances run more efficiently. It doesn’t waste excess water or discharge harmful salt water into the ground.

An Essential Ingredient Happy Heart, Happy You Heart-Friendly

Salt-free softening means salt is not added to your water, unlike traditional water softeners which require constant maintenance and salt exhange.

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Salt Free Water Softener Benefits


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The Most Recommended Water System in America

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Evan and Amanda next to lifesource water tank review stars for Evan and Amanda

Luis was very quick, efficient, friendly as well as easy to communicate with. He explained everything clearly; he did a great job!

Evan and Amanda Cascio Manhattan Beach, CA facebook logo
Bethany Carfaro next to her water tank review stars for Bethany Carfaro

I should say we are very happy so far with our LifeSource System water system. Just the taste alone difference is amazing.

Bethany Carfaro Camarillo, CA trustpilot logo
Cynthia showcasing her water tank review stars for Cynthia

LifeSource is the best. I own a Cafe in Oxnard. We wash all our fruits and vegetables in LifeSource water and they stay fresher longer.

Cynthia Zola-Neftan Oxnard, CA yelp logo


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