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Developers have come to recognize that LifeSource Commercial Water Systems add tremendous value as an amenity for a wide range of projects. Poor water quality that can clog equipment can affect how a building operates. The people who will live and work in your development will appreciate their access to clean, great-tasting water.

Add LifeSource Commercial Water solutions early in development in both new and retrofit/tenant improvement projects. There is a dramatic difference between the total cost of ownership of LifeSource Commercial Water Systems compared to water softeners, reverse osmosis and other systems.


LifeSource has been working closely with general contractors for years. Helping you learn and understand the impact and trends of water management is our business. We are a valued resource for innovative GCs to gain advantages in the ever-changing world of water.

With the drought continuing in western states and stringent conservation rules in effect, it has never been more important for GCs to recommend and implement strategic water management strategies and water treatment best practices.


Architects today are highly conscious of sustainable, environmentally-friendly products that comply with industry standards. When it comes to water quality management, many leading firms, especially those following LEED guidelines, have adopted LifeSource Water Systems as their go-to choice.

When compared to salt-based water softeners, LifeSource ScaleSolver do not waste water nor do they discharge brine pollution into waste water. LifeSource Water Filters help eliminate the need for bottled water and the associated negative impact on the environment.


Engineering firms today are committed to green, sustainable strategies to add innovative solutions to their commercial project s. We are seeing more collaborative design teams working together to add LifeSource Commercial Water Systems for entire mixed-use office buildings, apartments, condos, hotels, spas, universities and more.

Engineers are always in the forefront of digital innovation as well. Having access to CAD files to assist you in design will expedite your workflow process. LifeSource Commercial has specs, details and modeling intelligence to help with your designs.


Once developers, architects and MEPs have decided on initial building concepts, experienced commercial plumbing subs bid on installing plumbing infrastructures for new and TI projects. LifeSource Commercial works closely with each team to recommend water management and treatment systems, identifying modular components and properly sizing configurations.

We also train and support plumbing subs before, during, and after system installations. LifeSource Commercial has resources on this website to keep plumbing professionals current with latest news and trends.


Property managers overseeing their communities, buildings and HOAs are the first to hear about problems and issues. Water quality is emerging as one of the more important areas to address in multifamily housing and mixed-use developments.

With great-tasting water from every tap in your property, plastic water bottles go away - saving residents’ money and the environment from plastic waste. Plumbing issues associated with hard water are reduced once you install a LifeSource filtration and conditioning system. Facilities management staff save time and money because LifeSource water systems require no regular service or maintenance.

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