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Environmental Benefits

LifeSource is the eco-friendly LEED choice for better water quality in commercial buildings. Whether designing a new project or upgrading existing amenities, architects and engineers include the world's best water filtering and conditioning systems into their green projects.

The environmental and sustainable benefits of implementing a water management program are many, including:

  • eliminating the need for bottled water
  • prolonging the life of most water heating equipment and appliances
  • improving their energy efficiency by reducing the damage from scale buildup

Unlike salt-based water softeners and reverse osmosis water filters, LifeSource Water Filters discharge minimal amounts of potable water during rinse cycles (typically 1-2x/month) in the process of reducing unwanted ingredients in the water

LifeSource ScaleSolver do not use salt, so they eliminate salt brine discharge from polluting the environment.

The labor is costly to stay on top of scale deposits, and the chemicals used are hard on the environment as well. The green option is to eliminate the scale deposits before they start.