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Water Softener Alternative

The Answer is:

LifeSource Water Treatment Systems

Whole House Water Systems & Water Filtration

LifeSource Water Systems offers the highest quality water treatment system for homes and businesses. A LifeSource System provides clean, safe and delicious tasting water to every faucet, tap, or showerhead. For drinking, bathing, cleaning and cooking, you will notice a pleasurable difference every time you turn on the tap. Our water treatment systems remove the objectionable taste and odor of chlorine and chloramines from your business or residence without using chemicals or removing essential and healthy minerals.

Water Softener Alternative System

What to expect with a LifeSource Business or Residential water system treatment?

  • LifeSource conditioning and water filtration systems are a top-rated water softener alternative to conventional softeners on the market.
  • A LifeSource water conditioning system will not make water slippery or expel a brine in your water.
  • Our whole house water systems do not use salt or potassium and will not pollute other fresh water resources.
  • You will have a clean, safe, worry-free water softener replacement.
  • You will experience delicious, great tasting water in your home straight from the faucet or tap.
  • Your hard water problems will be no more as our water conditioning technology prevents scale build-up.
  • We entirely eliminate the need to buy bottled water.
  • Our water filtration systems are 100% maintenance free.

In addition, Lifesource Water Systems have been tested and certified and have the highest test rating in the U.S.A. Our factory has been providing high quality service since 1984.

Find out for yourself why the LifeSource System is the most recommended water treatment system in America. See what our customers have to say.

Get a Free LifeSource Water Review from one of our water specialists.

Water Softener

Water Softener
Drink clean, delicious tap water from your home! Save money and get rid of bottled water with a Water Softener Alternative

Whole House Water System

Whole House Water Filter
Remove the bad taste and odors from your water without removing the healthy minerals. Water Filters.

How to Buy

How to Buy LifeSource
Filter all the water in your home, with no maintenance. Let a water specialist help you Buy From Our Factory Direct

Commercial Water Systems

Commercial Water Filtration Systems
Great for multi-family housing, mixed use office buildings, higher education and hospitality applications.

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How to Buy LifeSource
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