Water Softener Alternative

What is a Water Softener Alternative?

Traditional water softeners use salt to soften and condition the water, but do not filter your water. Our water softener alternative is a salt-free solution to reduce scale buildup and filter your water. Turn on any faucet and have clean, delicious high quality water.

Our salt-free water softener alternative retains healthy minerals while removing chlorine and chloramines.

LifeSource Water Systems need no regular maintenance. You won't have to buy salt bags, change filters or sign up for a tank exchange program.

Our Ultimate Protection Package includes the whole house water filter, the water softener alternative ScaleSolver and the ApaPure water disinfection system that destroys over 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and cysts.

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Water Softener Alternative Ultimate Protection Package
Ultimate Protection Package

Optimize your water by combining our filtering system, scale reducer, and our anti-bacterial filter. No salt, no maintenance!

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Water Softener Alternative Power Package

Elite Water Filter & ScaleSolver

Retain healthy minerals in your water with our Elite Filter. Reduce hard water problems and scale buildup with our ScaleSolver system.

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Compare our Water Softener Alternative against Traditional Water Softeners

LifeSource Water provides a customized solution for your home. Our salt-free water softener alternative and filtration systems require no regular maintenance or monthly filter changes. Discover how we can transform your tap water.
Call (800) 334-5009 to speak with an expert service team member.

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Features / Benefits LifeSource Water Softener
One system for all water in the home
Reduces scale buildup
Filters out the taste and odor of chlorine and chloramines
No Regular Maintenance
Safe for plants and pets
Good for cleaning and dishwashing
No salty, slimy, slippery water
Environmentally friendly
Not banned by law in many communities
Retains healthy nutrients in water
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Salt Free Water Softener Benefits


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