LifeSource ScaleSolver TAC Media

LifeSource ScaleSolver are not water softeners – they don’t add or remove anything from the water and don’t change grains of hardness metrics. Unlike salt-softened water, ScaleSolver conditioned water maintains the beneficial and essential mineral content of your water and is much better to drink for those on sodium restricted diets.

LifeSource ScaleSolver transform dissolved minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, to help prevent lime scale from adhering to metal surfaces in your building’s plumbing infrastructure. The media in the tanks use a specially coated bead resin technology called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) to make hard water minerals form micro-crystals that stay suspended in the water. Their attraction to metal surfaces is reduced considerably.

Our TAC-based systems have been proven for over nine years in residential and commercial applications.

The TAC technology was thoroughly tested and proven by Arizona State University and The Water ReUse Foundation’s independent labs using the international/German protocol for scale prevention (DVGW-W512). The results were exceptional, with 99.6% effectiveness ratings - the only water softener alternative technology to reach these success levels.

  • ASU Scale Control Study

  • LifeSource Water Filter Media

    The workhorse for LifeSource Water Filters - high-grade Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) - filters your water for better drinking water quality. It completely reduces the objectionable taste and odor of chlorine while adding nothing to your water.

    LifeSource Water Filters automatically control rinse cycles to clean out sediment in the carbon bed. The potable rinse water can be reused to water landscaping, so no water is wasted. The rinse cycle, typically twice a month, turbulates GAC media for longer service life and greater efficiency. The systems are maintenance-free and last for years without having to regularly change out filters.

    LifeSource Water Systems have earned the Gold Seal by the Water Quality Association. The products were tested and certified by independent labs and have met the rigorous safety and structural integrity set by industry standard NSF/ANSI-42 and 61 certifications. You can trust the LifeSource brand for years to come.

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