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Water System Installation

LifeSource In-Home Service and Installation

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Unlike dealers, we offer a fully staffed and factory trained service department.

Water System Installation

We're here to help with everything from your system installation to all your questions related to your water. LifeSource has factory outlets throughout the U.S. and we are adding more every year. We have factory trained service teams in Pasadena, CA and in our factory outlets, supporting customers directly, everywhere in the U.S. In most states we offer in-home service and installation. Please speak with a water specialist at our factory for water softener system installation estimate.


Qualified Plumber Network

It's easy to get your system installed. We have a factory qualified plumber network to help with your water system installation. We can help you locate a local plumber for installation.

Buy Direct From Our Factory
Factory Direct
How to Buy LifeSource Water Systems
Tel: 800-334-5009
In Your Home
In Your Home
You'll have clean great tasting water for your entire home from a single long-lasting, maintenance free system. View benefits for in your home.

Our Technology
Water Filter Technology
How does a LifeSource Water system filter water? The "workhorse" in the water purification process is high grade "Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)". Learn more about our water filter technology.
Eco Friendly Water Systems
Green Eco-Friendly Water Systems
LifeSource Water is the Eco-Friendly Alternative to Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis & Bottled Water. Read more about our Eco-Friendly Water.
Water Treatment Systems
Whole House Filters Home Water Filter
Clean, delicious and odor-free water from every faucet and shower in your home.
Salt-Free Softeners Estate Series
Our salt-free water softener is the perfect way to enhance the water in your home.
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Our customers love their LifeSource Water and so will you!

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