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How LifeSource Water Systems Work

Our eco-friendly systems transform your tap water into great-tasting, filtered water from every tap. Reduce hard water buildup without using salt or additives. Our systems are easy to use and don't require monthly maintenance or exchange programs. Eliminate your need for bottled water and reduce water waste with a whole house water system.

Drink, cook, bathe and clean with water that is good for you and your home. For optimal water treatment, we suggest our Ultimate Protection Package, which combines our water filtration, water softener alternative ScaleSolver system and anti-bacterial filter unit.

coconut shell and hemp seeds
High Grade Granular Activated Carbon

We feature a proprietary blend of coconut shell granular activated carbon. It effectively reduces the taste and odors of chlorine.

lifesource water tank - salt-free hard water system
Salt-Free Hard Water System

Get fresh odor-free water, softer skin & hair with our advanced water conditioning.

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lifesource water tank
Easy To Use Technology

The automatic timer controls the rinse cycles to clean out sediment in the carbon bed. The rinse water can be re-used to water a garden. The rinse cycle turbulates the Granular Activated Carbon for longer service life and greater efficiency.

lapmo r&t water quality platinum seal
Tested and Certified

LifeSource Water Systems are NSF/ANSI tested and certified for a filtration capacity of 2.2 million gallons to 5.7 million gallons. The next best system is only certified for 460,000 gallons. Choose a system tested by ANSI accredited laboratories, such as the WQA, UL and NSF.

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Our Customer Ratings
The Most Recommended Water System in America
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evan and amanda with their water tank 5 review stars from evan and amanda

Luis was very quick, efficient, friendly as well as easy to communicate with. He explained everything clearly; he did a great job!

Evan and Amanda Manhattan Beach, CA facebook logo
bethany with her water tank 5 review stars from bethany

I should say we are very happy so far with our LifeSource System water system. Just the taste alone difference is amazing.

Bethany Camarillo, CA trustpilot logo
cynthia with her water tank 5 review stars from cynthia

LifeSource is the best. I own a Cafe in Oxnard. We wash all our fruits and vegetables in LifeSource water and they stay fresher longer.

Cynthia Oxnard, CA yelp logo


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