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What to do about mineral spots?


1. Bar Soaps:
LifeSource water works well with any soap. If your skin is exceptionally dry, we recommend trying DOVE or NEUTROGENA soap.

2. Toilet Tank:
Since our water is free of chlorine, adding a disinfectant disc (such as "Toilet Duck", "2000 Flushes", or similar product) to the tank of toilet bowls will keep it sanitary.

3. Glass Shower Doors:
A. Use a glass/tile cleaner for removal of soap scum such as CLR Enhanced Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner. Use it in your bathroom and kitchen for general cleaning and to cut through tough calcium and lime deposits, soap scum and grime on tubs, sinks, ceramic tile, glass, plastic, and more.

B. To prevent any lime buildup, coat shower doors with Liquid Furniture Wax or Rain-X. Waxes and Rain-X help promote sheeting of water off glass and discourages soap scum buildup. Simply wipe on and off once every couple of months for crystal clear shower doors.

4. Automatic Dishwashers:
Spots on Glassware & Dishes: Cut down on SOAP! Use only powdered dishwasher soap (we recommend Cascade Complete). Some glasses can be permanently etched if too much soap is used. One teaspoon of Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent and 1 teaspoon of Sour Salt or Glass Magic, as a rinsing agent, should produce excellent results. Too much soap can cause excess spotting, etching, film and/or glazing.

5. Lime or Soap Scum Buildup:
If you have lime buildup in your dishwasher, we suggest pouring a tablespoon of Sour Salt (Citric Acid) into the bottom of the dishwasher. Run through one empty cycle with no soap to remove excess detergent and mineral deposits.

Hot water must be at least 140 degrees. Set the hot water heater on the medium setting (old hot water heaters may have to be turned up to the high setting to achieve this temperature until the scale build-up inside clears).

* Citric Acid - Also known as 'sour salt.' Citric acid is a natural acidic ingredient found in all citrus fruits and is used primarily in sausage making or canning to keep fruits from discoloring. Sour Salt is the most effective, natural and inexpensive cleaning agent for mineral deposits available.

For extremely hard water, contact LifeSource for our new scale prevention system.

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