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Q: What are the best commercial applications for LifeSource Water Filters and ScaleSolver solutions?

A: Many commercial projects require water softener alternatives because of hidden costs, tank leakage, breakdowns, and general dissatisfaction with salt-based water softeners. Engineers and facilities managers are looking for better solutions for scale reduction and control for boilers, plumbing infrastructures, and other fixtures and equipment. On the aesthetic side - many hotels, apartments, condos, and housing developments are looking for added-value amenities such as clean, great-tasting water without salt or chlorine. Plus eliminating the cost of storing plastic water bottles and/or salt bags is an important benefit for commercial customers.

Q: How long has LifeSource been in business?

A: LifeSource has been manufacturing and selling water filtration systems around the world since 1984 from the same location in Pasadena, California.

Q: Isn't city water good enough without a LifeSource system?

A: Most municipal water systems use chlorine to treat water. While they do an excellent job treating your water, many people do not like the taste, feel, and smell of municipal water. LifeSource Water Filters remove/reduce the unpleasant tastes and odors to provide clean filtered water, rich in mineral nutrients, from EVERY faucet, shower or tap in your hotel, apartment or office building.

Q: How does a LifeSource water filter work?

A: We use a proprietary "coconut shell" granular activated carbon media inside our tanks combined with our high-end valves, controllers, and rinsing systems that create virtual maintenance-free, great tasting LifeSource water.

Q: What tests and certifications has LifeSource completed?

A: LifeSource Water Systems have earned the Gold Seal by the Water Quality Association. The products were tested and certified by independent labs and have met the rigorous safety and structural integrity requirements set by industry standard NSF/ANSI-42 and 61 certifications. You can trust the LifeSource brand for years to come.