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Well Water Treatment

Over 20 million Americans rely on private wells for their household water. The rest of the population obtains their water from Municipal water supplies. The Municipal water is safe to drink because it is treated prior to distribution by the city. Well owners are completely in charge of the quality of their own water. With LifeSource, Well water can be treated effectively and made safe for home use. To determine the Well Water Treatment Equipment you will need, a well water test must be completed. We offer this testing kit for a small fee. Once this test has been completed we can determine which Well Water Treatment System or Treatment Systems you will need.

Well Water Treatment Systems

You'll have clean great tasting water for your entire home from a single long-lasting, maintenance free well water treatment system.

Buy a Well Water Test Kit

We will need to see a recent test result in order to recommend which Well Water Treatment System you will need. No two wells are alike. Even wells within a few miles of one another can require different treatment. LifeSource will customize a Well Water Treatment option specifically for your needs. The test kit can be obtained from your representative and mailed directly to the lab for analysis.

Common Well water problems

  • Sulfur, rotten egg smell? - You have too much hydrogen sulfide in your well.
  • Red stains and musty odors? - You have iron bacteria to treat.
  • Brownish-red stains? - This is manganese in your well.
  • Harsh, swimming pool taste? - This is from over-chlorination practices.
  • Earthy or fishy taste and odors? - This is from coliform bacteria in your well.
  • Equipment and Appliance wear and tear? - PH levels are out of balance
  • Deposit buildup and staining to dishes and appliances? - Your well has hard water from calcium and magnesium

Our water specialists can assist you with right sizing for your home. Click here to get a free estimate. You can rest assured that our water experts will design a custom system to meet your needs.

Well Water Test Kit
Well Water Testing
Testing your water from the well is easy with our complete in home kit. Read more on Well Water Testing.
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