Well Water Treatment Systems

Over 20 million Americans rely on private wells for their household water. The rest of the population obtains their water from municipal water supplies. The municipal water is safe to drink because it is treated prior to distribution. Well owners are completely in charge of the quality of their own water. With LifeSource, well water can be treated effectively will be safe for home use and consumption.


inside a well with water

Common Well Water Problems

  • Do you have a sulfur or rotten egg smell? You have too much hydrogen sulfide in your well.
  • Do you have red stains and musty odors? You have iron bacteria to treat.
  • Brownish-red stains? This could be manganese in your well.
  • Harsh, swimming pool taste? This is from over-chlorination practices.
  • Earthy or fishy taste and odors? This is from coliform bacteria in your well.
  • Equipment and Appliance wear and tear? pH levels are out of balance.


a box of water treatment kit

Well Water Testing

To determine the well water treatment system you need, a well water test must be completed. We offer this third-party testing kit. Once completed, you will receive your test results so that we can determine what specific treatment solution you need.
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Our water specialists can assist you with any questions you have on our well water treatment systems.

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