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LifeSource Water Systems was one of the first manufacturers in the nation to build and install whole-building, point-of-entry commercial water filtration systems. Today, LifeSource Water filters improve domestic drinking water and eliminate the need for bottled water, without salt or filter changes.

Our systems utilize both a carbon based the water filter AND a water conditioning to reduce scale buildup. Our ScaleSolver filter can be used on its own, or in substitute of traditonal water softeners.

LifeSource Water Systems is happy be part of your overall, value-engineered water management solution. We service office buildings, multi-family housing, educational campuses, hotels and spas. Your clientele won't need to worry about the quality of their tap water or buy bottled water.

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LifeSource Water Filters

LifeSource commercial water filtration systems use a high-grade Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) media made from natural, coconut shell derivative ingredients. In our Pasadena, Calif. factory, LifeSource implements a unique process for cleaning and integrating the media into a wide range of tank sizes.

We have modular tank sizes and systems to meet the needs for most commercial projects. It is best used in combination with our ScaleSolver water conditioner.

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The carbon reduces and removes chemical disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines that are present in water treated by most municipalities.


ScaleSolver - The Water Softener Alternative

Our Scalesolver filters can be used on their own in a commercial building.
LifeSource ScaleSolver conditions water using Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) micro-crystal technology. TAC-based ScaleSolver does not use salt, added electricity, or waste water like water softeners do. As water flows through a series of tanks, there is nothing is added to the water such as salt.

Scale buildup due to hard water can be costly and troublesome. The minerals that cause scale buildup (primarily calcium and magnesium in hard water conditions) attach to piping, boilers, water heaters, appliances and plumbing fixtures. As scale accumulates, it causes equipment to fail. It negatively affects plumbing infrastructure, speeds up equipment degradation and replacement, and increases maintenance costs.  Compare Water Softeners

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A chemical reaction occurs with TAC media, forming molecular micro-crystals with the minerals that don’t adhere to metal surfaces. They simply pass through the piping, which reduces scale build-up for most applications.


For a complete water filtration and conditioning solution, we suggest the combination of the ScaleSolver AND the carbon based water filter. Together they create the best filtration and water conditioner for your clients and/or residents.
For optimal water quality, add our Apapure filter that uses Quantum technology to the package.


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