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Quality Water Treatment Certification

Our Products are certified and tested to ensure cleaner, better tasting water! You can trust the LifeSource brand. Independent party testing and certification is your assurance that our products will perform effectively as claimed.

The LifeSource Water Treatment Service has earned the Gold Seal by the Water Quality Association. The materials and components used in our certified drinking water treatment systems have met the rigorous safety and structural integrity and strength requirements set by industry standard NSF / ANSI-42.

To help consumers choose quality water treatment products, the WQA developed its Gold Seal Certification Program - issuing the first Gold Seal in 1959. The WQA only awards the Gold Seal to those systems, components, or additives that have met or exceeded industry standards for contaminant reduction, structural integrity, and material safety. Customers can easily identify WQA Certified products by looking for the Gold Seal Mark.
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