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Our Must Have Squeegees!

A Squeegee A Day Keeps The Shower Spots Away

Elitia Barnes writes blogs about clean water and water filtration systems for LifeSource Water Systems. Elitia Barnes

Why We Love Squeegees

Squeegees are every bathroom’s best secret weapon!  Using a squeegee after you shower helps keep your shower doors squeaky clean, prevents scale, scum and mildew build up.  

Each time we shower, we leave behind dead skin cells, oils, dirt, soap and shampoo residue.   This residue is what we fondly call shower scum.  You probably already know what I’m talking about - it’s that white film that shows up on your once clear glass doors.  If you have tile in your shower, using a squeegee will help prevent extra moisture from soaking into the grout - over time, this can create the perfect damp environment for mildew and bacteria.

Remembering to squeegee after a shower might sound like adding an extra chore to your morning routine, but it pays off in the long run!  Squeegees are designed to easily clear away all moisture.  No moisture means no worrying about shower spots and scum, leaving your shower looking clear and fresh! 

Squeegee Tips

Remember these handy dandy tips to help keep your shower fresh! 

-Squeegee after each shower.

-Clean squeegee with a quick rinse and hang to dry.

-Leave the shower door open to let all moisture out.

-An “S motion” is how the professionals maximize their squeegee. (Yes, I did my research, check out this how to video)

-If you want an occasional extra punch with your squeegee, a lot of people use vinegar or products like LemiShine to really get their glass sparkling. 



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