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Quality Water Makes All the Difference

Give your house the quality water it deserves with a salt-free whole house water system. Water that has been filtered and conditioned will save your home from being damaged by harsh chemicals and scale build-up. That’s something you and your house can be happy about!
Elitia Barnes writes blogs about clean water and water filtration systems for LifeSource Water Systems. Elitia Barnes

Happy Pipes & Fixtures

Quality water supports longer lasting pipes and fixtures. Why? Cities treat municipal water with chlorine and ammonia.  When ammonia is added to chlorine, it creates chloramines.  While these chemicals do a good job at killing off harmful bacteria, they aren’t so great on our houses.  Over the years, chloramines can damage your plumbing, causing pinhole leaks in copper pipes and corrosion of rubber, copper and plastic fixtures.  Filtering out chlorine and chloramines with a whole house water system helps to maintain the integrity of your plumbing.

Happy Appliances

Help your house run better with quality water. Clean and conditioned water protects your equipment from the strain of calcium and scale build-up.  This can add years to your water heater, washer and all appliances that use water.  Another big reason to not only think about the water your family drinks, but also the water that runs through your entire house. 

Happy Houses

When looking for a whole house water system, there are a few things to keep in mind.  A common misconception is that “softening” your water is the same as filtering you water.  This is not true. Traditional water softeners do not filter your water, in a process called “ion exchange,” they replace healthy minerals in your water with salt. The salt makes water feel “soft,” but it also adds monetary and evironmental costs.  Reverse Osmosis systems filter your water, but they can only filter water at one location, which does not protect your pipes and appliances.  With a salt-free whole house water system, you can enjoy clean and conditioned water for your family, pipes and appliances.


When our houses are happy, we’re happy.



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