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Water is Your Holiday Hero

Stay Happy & Healthy this Holiday season!

I love the holidays. Mostly. With all the merriment going on, it’s easy to fall out of my routines like going to the gym, eating healthy and getting 8 hours of sleep. Luckily, this year I have a plan. There is one thing I can do to keep myself balanced during all the travel and gatherings. I can drink water. As simple as it may seem, staying hydrated is one of the best ways to maintain your energy and health. So don’t forget you water bottle this holiday season!
Elitia Barnes writes blogs about clean water and water filtration systems for LifeSource Water Systems. Elitia Barnes

Fight off Holiday Fatigue

Whether you’re traveling or hosting, the holidays can take a toll. It’s easy to run ourselves thin.  To keep your energy level up and your wit sharp, remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.  When we don’t get enough water, our bodies can’t function at 100%. Avoid a sluggish body and foggy brain by keeping your reusable water bottle within reach.

So, when you’re ready to escape an awkward conversation at this year’s office party, just say “excuse me, I’m going to go get some water.” 

Learn more about how water helps improve your day!  

Stay Healthy

Aren’t the holidays yummy?  All the sugar cookies, truffles and hot chocolate tempting you with their sweet, cozy comfort.  How can you refuse when a co-worker brings in homemade banana bread?  We’ve worked so hard all year to maintain a healthy routine, it’s hard not to feel like it can all be blown/destroyed in one month.  Once again, this is where drinking water can help keep you balanced! 

Curb your sugar cravings by drinking a glass of water before each meal. Sometimes when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty.  So before you reach for that sugary treat, remind yourself not to over indulge by drinking a glass of water first.  

Sugary foods usually don’t contain much fiber or protein, so we tend to eat more to feel full. But since our bodies aren’t getting useful nutrition, we get hungry again faster.  

Stay away from this vicious sugary cycle with the help of water!

Avoid hangovers

After surviving crowded malls and traffic jams to buy last minute gifts, it’s hard to avoid at least one night of over indulging / having a drink too many.  This is when water becomes our ultimate holiday hero.  Staying hydrated helps keep the good times rolling and improves your bounce back time. So keep flushing out those toxins one glass of H2O at a time! 

One tactic is drinking a soda water with lime between alcoholic drinks - still fun, but keeps me hydrated and fills me up.  So this weekend, have a La Croix before pouring that second glass of Cabernet.

Besides drinking a lot of water, always avoid drinks high in sugar and a few studies also suggest avoiding drinks high in Congeners. Of course, not drinking is the best way to avoid a hangover. But somehow I never remember that.

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