How to Choose a Water System

How to Choose or Buy

With reports of over 300 different contaminants found in municipal water throughout the US, it's essential to return your water back to its natural state. Choosing the correct water filter is determined by the size of your home, flow rate, and the type of filtration you need. The video below will give some insights, or read below.


What type of water problems do you have? Does your water have an odor? Is scale buildup ruining your appliances? We have the solution.

Is your current water system tested and certified? Make sure your system is tested and certified by a credible source.

Is the system salt based? These can be costly and require monthly maintenance.

Salt water softeners are not filters. Salt water softeners treat hard water with salt, but they make the water undrinkable.That is why reverse osmosis systems are needed at kitchen sinks in addition to a water softener.

Reverse Osmosis Additions: These are bulky filters and a tank under the sink which remove dirt, chlorine and salt. Since all minerals are removed, the water becomes acidic which is not great for you, your pets or even your plants.

Get our Salt-free Water Conditioner Combined with a Filtration Water System:

Our system filters and conditions all water in your home while retaining healthy minerals. It filters the water for a clean delicious taste and conditions the water to prevent scale buildup.
Our expert customer service team is here to answer your questions. Imagine no water waste, no maintenance and no more bottled water.

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Compare LifeSource Water with Other Softeners

LifeSource provides excellent salt-free whole house water softener and filtration systems that require zero maintenance. We provide superior service. The chart below highlights our system's benefits. Call (800) 334-5009 today for information.

a banner of tanks comparing lifesource with its competitors
Features / Benefits LifeSource Water Softener
One system for all water in the home
Reduces scale buildup
Removes chlorine and dirt
Safe for plants and pets
Good for cleaning and dishwashing
Filters out dirt & chemicals for safe drinking water
No salty, slimy, slippery water
Environmentally friendly
Not banned by law in many communities
Retains healthy nutrients in water
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