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LifeSource Water Customer Reviews

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Why I Bought LifeSource
Bob Armstrong (North Fork CA, 93643)

we have too much iron up here and everything was turning yellowish

Why I Bought LifeSource
Earnie Campbell (Henderson NV, 89002)

why I installed, old system does not fucntion well

Why I Bought LifeSource
Alan Larson (Riverside CA, 92506)

great product, long lasting without any replacement filters

Why I Bought LifeSource
James Harwell (Los Osos CA, 93402)

water conservation promised with the benefits of softner (no salt) and reverse osmosis included

Why I Bought LifeSource
Patrick Honey (Vero Beach FL, 32963)

reduce chlorine and get non salt conditioner to save appliances and fixtures

Why I Bought LifeSource
Marilyn Bracisco (Newman CA, 95360)

heard on radio and far cleaner washing and dishes

Why I Bought LifeSource
Richard Kelly (Lake Havasu City AZ, 86404)

why I installed, friend recommendation

Why I Bought LifeSource
James Warner (Squaw Valley CA, 93675)

to stop adding salt to water underground

Why I Bought LifeSource
Mark Chen (Chandler AZ, 85249)

why I installed, best in water systems on the market

Why I Bought LifeSource
Autumn Howard (Darien CT, 06820)

highway spill off as well as chlorine in the ground water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Robert MacGregor (Tucson AZ, 85739)

why I installed, we wanted to get rid of the hard water and chlorine taste

Why I Bought LifeSource
Wilfred Wong (Pasadena CA, 91106)

we wanted to be able to drink water from the tap that is mineral rich

Why I Bought LifeSource
Giancarlo Emanuele (Chino Hills CA, 91709)

we wanted fresh drinking water and were tired of always buying bottled water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Susan Villanueva (Bellflower CA, 90706)

environmentally better, salt softener becoming too expensive to maintain

Why I Bought LifeSource
Margaret Campbell (El Monte CA, 91732)

We wanted fewer contaminants in our bathing, drinking and cooking water

Why I Bought LifeSource
John Hoffner (Diamond Bar CA, 91765)

reduce the effect of hard water on our water fixtures and improve the taste and health of our water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Pat Briscoe (Las Vegas NV, 89139)

why I installed, bad drinking water in vegas

Why I Bought LifeSource
Bruce Brown (Pasadena CA, 91104)

salts for old system were expensive, health benefits, no maintenance or filter change

Why I Bought LifeSource
Deborah Moceri (Del Mar CA, 92014)

wanted clean water while protecting the enviornment

Why I Bought LifeSource
Barbara Spencer (Henderson NV, 89074)

why I installed, Culligan conked out, read life source ads

Why I Bought LifeSource
Susan Lyons (Rancho Palos Verdes CA, 90275)

Did not want to buy bottled water and water filters any longer

Why I Bought LifeSource
Adrain Chavez (Pinon Hills CA, 92372)

your salesman was the only one to respond

Why I Bought LifeSource
Christopher Myers (Carlsbad CA, 92011)

tired of bottled water and quality of water we wash with

Why I Bought LifeSource
Ivan Kent (Corona CA, 92883)

tired of buying bottled water and tastless tap water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Peter Chau (San Diego CA, 92124)

the previous one was broken and we want to try the new system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Denise Williams (Duarte CA, 91010)

we wanted to get the chlorine out of all the water in our home but keep the good minerals

Why I Bought LifeSource
Phillip Feng (San Gabriel CA, 91776)

children have skin problem

Why I Bought LifeSource
David Hamm (North Las Vegas NV, 89031)

why I installed, hard water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Raymond Campbell (Fresno CA, 93704)

we were tired of feeling our skin dried and hard water ruining our sink

Why I Bought LifeSource
David Noland (Oceanside CA, 92058)

no issues with city ordinances for discharge

1... 414243444546... 52  Total Reviews 1557
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