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Why I Bought LifeSource
Anne Hawkins (Raleigh NC, 27615)

Wanted pure drinking water and minerals out of the water to prevent water spots and lines

Why I Bought LifeSource
Dennis Merling (San Marcos CA, 92069)

Wanted quality water for bathing and drinking as well as our pipes and water heater

Why I Bought LifeSource
Tom Pietschker (Denver NC, 28037)

Concerned with the health effects of high chlorine levels. Strong smell in water

Why I Bought LifeSource
James Kasierski (Tucson AZ, 85737)

To assure clean water and eliminate need for bottled water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Forest Carroll III (Charlotte NC, 28278)

High levels of Chlorine in water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Dennis DAlessio (Denver NC, 28037)

Water deposits left in the shower and dish rack, poor tasting water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Scott Herman (Las Vegas NV, 89123)

why I installed, better for you!

Why I Bought LifeSource
Barry Fink (Pacific Palisades CA, 90272)

wanted better tasting water without metallic taste and chlorine

Why I Bought LifeSource
Mike Acquistapace (Riverdale CA, 93656)

drilled new well water was awful and bad

Why I Bought LifeSource
Larry Rose (Lindsay CA, 93247)

Our Culligan system was putting too much salt in septic system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Ron Hecht (Mesa AZ, 85207)

why I installed, get rid of salt system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Robert Muller (Los Banos CA, 93635)

Our salt system needed to be replaced and researched a new system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Howard Crabtree (Coronado CA, 92118)

Corrosion of water heater and convenience

Why I Bought LifeSource
Adam Sauers (Santa Fe NM, 87505)

We were tired of the large amounnt of soap we used for the scale build up on everything!

Why I Bought LifeSource
Ike Huang (Orange CA, 92867)

LifeSource system claims the system is better than any other current system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Christopher Howell (Ladera Ranch CA, 92694)

wanted chlorine removed and low maintenance with no filters

Why I Bought LifeSource
Edward Jones (Visalia CA, 93291)

Wanted a healthier system and more eviormentally friendly

Why I Bought LifeSource
Day Altair (Enterprise UT, 84725)

Information first recieved at a St. George, UT home show and further internet research

Why I Bought LifeSource
Richard Uelman (Buena Park CA, 90620)

We wanted a complete water system that offered filtered water and water softener

Why I Bought LifeSource
Thedore Sulzen (San Gabriel CA, 91776)

Tired of maintenance and costs

Why I Bought LifeSource
Keith Dossey (Stanley NC, 28164)

Safety and health concerns with water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Chad Thompson (Charlotte NC, 28278)

High levels of Chlorine in water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Frank Waterman (Las Vegas NV, 89128)

Our existing softener was done and since we were moving to a new home we wanted to install an efficient system that produced clean water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Barbara Graham (North Las Vegas NV, 89081)

why I installed, recently purchased house and wanted a better quality of water than the city could provide

Why I Bought LifeSource
James Riley (Los Alamitos CA, 90720)

Recommended by plumber, new state law on salt softener needed to switch systems

Why I Bought LifeSource
Dennis Martizi (81935)

Research showed carbon system was better environmentally

Why I Bought LifeSource
Gordon Fredeen (Turlock CA, 95382)

Upgrade our water system and get rid of old soft water system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Kurt Schaubach (Arlington VA, 22207)

Installed one in our previous home out in CA

Why I Bought LifeSource
Cecelia McCoy (Pacific Grove CA, 93950)

experienced system at family member home and referred by nephew

Why I Bought LifeSource
Hamid Bassirpou (Laguna Niguel CA, 92677)

The chlorine bothered my daughters skin and the poor taste of hard water

1... 464748495051
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