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LifeSource Water Customer Reviews

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Why I Bought LifeSource
Charles Kenneson (Las Vegas NV, 89131)

why I installed, hard water/shower

Why I Bought LifeSource
Eric Teague (Las Vegas NV, 89135)

why I installed, hard water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Lucas Gueco (Henderson NV, 89074)

why I installed, did research found life source to be best choice

Why I Bought LifeSource
Evelyn Rumaneh (Riverside CA, 92504)

We wanted a whole house system and were tired of buying bottled water. Unhappy with the reverse osmosis system we previously had

Why I Bought LifeSource
Josie Scanlon (Poway CA, 92064)

tired of buying bottled water and paying for softener

Why I Bought LifeSource
Mary MacNair (Los Angeles CA, 90042)

to help with my mothers health conditions

Why I Bought LifeSource
Beth Parks (Helotes TX, 78023)

why I installed, removal of chlorine/toxins for health reasons

Why I Bought LifeSource
Lynn Trendel (90284)

Health benefits, saw the product on "Living with Ed"

Why I Bought LifeSource
Teresa Jacoby (Encino CA, 91436)

Wanted better water for showering, washing and drinking

Why I Bought LifeSource
Judi Smolin (Santa Ana CA, 92705)

wanted better drinking water and water for indoor plants

Why I Bought LifeSource
James Appel (Nipomo CA, 93444)

Wanted a system with low maintenance and longevity

Why I Bought LifeSource
Mike Clemmons (Henderson NV, 89002)

why I installed, hard water build up

Why I Bought LifeSource
Marcos Dadalt (Lake Elsinore CA, 92532)

we wanted to get rid of chlorine smell and we dont like buying bottled water

Why I Bought LifeSource
David Grogg (Riverside CA, 92503)

This was a maintenance free water system that provided improved water for humans and pets. Also it has provided noticeably improved cleaning, cooking, bathing and showering conditions

Why I Bought LifeSource
Walter Brown (Marana AZ, 85653)

why I installed, had very high mineral content and bad taste

Why I Bought LifeSource
Al Kapczynski (Fort Mill SC, 29708)

Tired of purchasing and carrying cases of water bottles

Why I Bought LifeSource
Joseph Cotten (Los Angeles CA, 90066)

Testimonial from Ed Begley Jr. tired after trucking water from the store for 20 years

Why I Bought LifeSource
Gail Behrns (Henderson NV, 89012)

why I installed, we wanted full house water system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Sandra Bates (Glendale CA, 91207)

our research showed it to be superior to the others that we looked at

Why I Bought LifeSource
Connie Corcoran (The Villages FL, 32162)

we wanted better quality of water to maintain better health

Why I Bought LifeSource
Marvin Santefort (Peoria AZ, 85383)

why I installed, we liked the features it offered

Why I Bought LifeSource
Gloria Rodriguez (Riverside CA, 92507)

recommended by plumber to resolve the water quality

Why I Bought LifeSource
Ronald Mittag (Apache Junction AZ, 85119)

why I installed, we wanted quality water and drinking water without salt

Why I Bought LifeSource
Patricia White (Vail AZ, 85641)

why I installed, it had the best taste

Why I Bought LifeSource
Richard Otto (Tucson AZ, 85710)

why I installed, we wanted to get rid of the hard water and chlorine taste

Why I Bought LifeSource
Louisa Larue (Tucson AZ, 85743)

why I installed, great tasting water, maintenance free

Why I Bought LifeSource
Sue Walker (Henderson NV, 89052)

why I installed, recommended by several friends

Why I Bought LifeSource
Mariam Atri (Durham NC, 27713)

Concerned with chlorine and previous contaminants in water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Nick English (Pasadena CA, 91106)

recommended by our general contractor to reduce scale on glass work and chlorine in water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Jeanette Dalan (Corona CA, 92880)

my daughter has sensitive skin

1... 464748495051... 52  Total Reviews 1557
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