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LifeSource Water Customer Reviews

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Why I Bought LifeSource
Charles St Clair (Clovis CA, 93619)

Radio ads - KMJ

Why I Bought LifeSource
Stanley Skinner (Arroyo Grande CA, 93421)

of the features listed in your advertisements about your 1620-5

Why I Bought LifeSource
Emory Lewis (Fullerton CA, 92835)

Recommended by neighbor Mullans and my brother in Palm Desert. Water taste very good, good for pipes

Why I Bought LifeSource
Susan Kipper (Canyon Country CA, 91351)

Salt softener became illegal in my city. yours seems to be the very best replacement possible. Thanks!

Why I Bought LifeSource
Robert Ritter (Sun Valley CA, 91352)

We wanted to get rid of the strong odor and chlorine in water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Robert Alliston (Valencia CA, 91355)

City ordiance dictated that salt softeners be removed - LifeSource was best alternative

Why I Bought LifeSource
Jean Peters (Huntington Beach CA, 92647)

recommended by plumber

Why I Bought LifeSource
Mary Jo Avila (Fresno CA, 93706)

We had heard good things about it and since we bought a new home we figured it would be a good investment

Why I Bought LifeSource
Dawn Bongiovanni (Coronado CA, 92118)

we had system at our previous home

Why I Bought LifeSource
Jerry Kloempken (Mesa AZ, 85208)

why I installed, needed a better water system than salt softner

Why I Bought LifeSource
Myla Gadegos (San Diego CA, 92130)

Benefits of quality water filtration, our family has sensitive skin

Why I Bought LifeSource
Kristen Jensen (Las Vegas NV, 89183)

why I installed, water taste and conditions were bad. hard water build up

Why I Bought LifeSource
Lloyd Hubbell (Madera CA, 93638)

We are on a well and we wanted softer and better water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Lee Benton (Gulf Breeze FL, 32561)

We wanted to insure the maximum amount of highly filtered water throughout the household and promote better health

Why I Bought LifeSource
Tim Houlihan (Glendale AZ, 85308)

why I installed, best price / number of gallons with out using salt

Why I Bought LifeSource
Robert Hurkmaus (Monterey CA, 93940)

system was old (20 years) and looking for something better and more up to date

Why I Bought LifeSource
Sylvia Padden (Stevenson Ranch CA, 91381)

Recommended by plumber who stated many people have been satisfied with the water system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Kathy Ballentine (Valencia CA, 91355)

city of Santa Clarita regulations

Why I Bought LifeSource
Brian Cravens (Monrovia CA, 91016)

old system wearing out, had to replace, wanted no salt and less maintenance

Why I Bought LifeSource
Yoshichika Ogata (Rosemead CA, 91770)

I wanted filtered water for the whole house instead of just under the kitchen system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Stephan Gurovsky (Henderson NV, 89015)

why I installed, needed chlorine-free water in whole system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Marcel Carre (Henderson NV, 89052)

why I installed, less salt pollution

Why I Bought LifeSource
Jerry Sarfarnsworth (Yuma AZ, 85367)

why I installed, research and recommendations

Why I Bought LifeSource
Hazel Bower (San Antonio TX, 78251)

why I installed, it was a gift from son

Why I Bought LifeSource
Joseph Hunter (Green Valley AZ, 85614)

why I installed, get rid of salt softner and bottled water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Edmund Gonzales (Ventura CA, 93003)

We repiped the house and used the opportunity to improve our water

Why I Bought LifeSource
Marci Deyhle (San Jose CA, 95128)

Calcium build up and lousy taste. Recommended by Larry Harada

Why I Bought LifeSource
Ronald Batchelor (Chula Vista CA, 91910)

sediment in the chula vista water system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Lorraine Abner (Tempe AZ, 85284)

why I installed, I wanted pure water in my whole house at point of entry

Why I Bought LifeSource
Eva Moran (Three Rivers CA, 93271)

recommended by daughter who said it was a reliable system, water has too many minerals

1... 4849505152  Total Reviews 1557
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