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Water Softener Alternative

The LifeSource Water Softener alternative has a clear advantage to typical water softeners. Many water softeners eliminate minerals by replacing them with sodium or potassium chloride. Water softeners do not filter out chlorine or dirt. With a water softener alternative you can finally enjoy soft skin, softer laundry, and clearer glasses. Instead of wasting time cleaning and scrubbing lime scale, you can get more from your appliances by using Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative

What is the difference between a Salt Free Water Softener and your common water softener? In a salt less water softener, the healthy minerals are not eliminated. Drinking water with minerals such as calcium and magnesium is imperative to good health. Adding sodium to you drinking water in the diet can cause health issues.

Nothing can match the intelligent design of the LifeSource Water Softener Alternative

What is a water softener

Nothing can match the intelligent design of LifeSource Water Softener Alternative.

A LifeSource Water Softener Alternative:
  • Keeps scale buildup under control
  • Adds nothing to the water
  • Extends life expectancy of appliances
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Retains Healthy Minerals

Salt Free Water Softener Benefits

Since the early 1900s, homeowners wanted a solution for hard water. At the time, water softeners were the only option. Back then, no one had heard of a salt less water softener. A LifeSource Water Softener Alternative is the perfect solution. Our filters do not remove the good minerals in water. Our Water Softener Alternative will give you healthy water from every faucet and extend the life of your appliances. It is not your typical water softener that uses salt to fix the problem. The LifeSource Water Softener Alternative is Salt Free.

Another salt free water softener benefit is a reduction in scale buildup with no maintenance. A salt based water softener requires a lot of work.

One of the benefits of a salt free water softener is it will not pollute our waste water with such brine discharges A LifeSource Salt less Water Softener Alternative is good for you and the planet! Compare our Salt Free Water Softener Alternative to ordinary water softeners and see the benefits a LifeSource system provides.

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