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Water Softeners

A LifeSource Water Softener replacement provides delicious water for your entire home with one system that is long-lasting and maintenance free. Enjoy smooth, clean water without the slippery slimy feel. With no salt or additives you can enjoy the best in water quality. You will also notice and taste the difference of your water right away.

Elite Whole House
Water System

Residential Water Conditioning System
  • 1-3 Bathrooms
  • 2.2 million gallons rating
  • Premier Whole House Water System
    Large Home Water Conditioning System
  • 4-6 Bathrooms
  • 3.5 Million Gallon Certified
  • Estate Whole House Water System
    Estate Water Conditioning System
  • 6+ Bathrooms
  • 5.7 Million Gallon Certified
  • LifeSource's Water Softener Alternative:

    • Prevents scale buildup
    • Uses no salt
    • Requires zero maintenance
    • Does not waste water
    • Is hassle free
    • Is safe for the environment
    • Is reliable
    • Extends the life of your pipes and appliances

    You may not realize that you have hard water or know the harm it causes. Hard water contains minerals that may stick to water-using appliances. Hard water creates hard spots on household items, ruins clothing, and result in poor performance of water appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Repairing these problems will cost you time, money, and energy. The best way to prevent the problems caused by hard water is a LifeSource Water Softener replacement solution.

    For more information visit the following pages:
    Water Softener Alternative
    Water Softener Alternative
    Find an alternative to the conventional salt generating water softener that won't add anything to your water. LifeSource has a healthy, maintenance-free solution. Visit our page about the Water Softener Alternative.
    What is a Water Softener?
    What is a Water Softener
    A water softener softens hard water by replacing calcium and magnesium minerals with sodium. It is Not a filtration product. What is a Water Softener?.
    Myths of Hard Water
    Myths of Hard Water
    If you consider hard water in your home to be a major health hazard, then you may have fallen victim to the common Myths of Hard Water.
    How Water Softeners Work
    How Water Softeners Work
    Water softeners use a complicated process called ion exchange to treat water. How Water Softeners Work.
    Water Filter vs. Water Softener
    Water Filter vs. Water Softener
    Choose a water filter that does not remove beneficial minerals from drinking water. View our water systems comparison chart.
    ScaleSolver vs. Water Softener
    ScaleSolver vs. Water Softener
    Compare our water softener alternative to the salt based water softeners.
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    What does a Water Softener Do?
    Watch our quick video below!
    What is our Alternative?

    The LifeSource system includes the ScaleSolver. It transforms and prevents dissolved minerals like calcium from sticking to hard surfaces in your home.

    It will protect against hard water scale, also known as lime scale.

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