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The days of stiff laundry, slimy skin,
crusty faucets and bad tasting are over.

Do You Know What’s In Your Tap Water?

Old fashioned water softening systems remove healthy minerals, add sodium and do not filter out chlorine or dirt. The alternative to these issues is the LifeSource Water Conditioning System, helping to eliminate common problems caused by salt-based softeners and providing you and your family with abundant, clean, safe water on-demand.

What is in Your Water

Better For Your Back & Your Budget

Not all water softeners are built the same. All salt-based water softeners need regular maintenance, requiring you to add salt to the system. Buying and hauling softening salt from the store gets old quickly... The LifeSource Water Softening System doesn’t use salt and requires no regular maintenance, saving you both time and money every year.

One System. Every Faucet.

One System. Every Faucet.

With the LifeSource Water Conditioning System, every faucet in your home instantly becomes a convenient source of better water. There’s no need to purchase or install additional bulky equipment underneath every sink. Kick all those extra tanks, tubes and replacement filters to the curb!

Softer Skin & Hair

Think Green

Common water softeners require a salt brine solution to be flushed, discharging sodium chloride into the sewer and, in some cases, wasting up to 150 gallons of water a week.

For Those Who Matter Most Protect Your Investments

Reduce Scale Build-Up

Acts as a shield, preventing scale formation on water heaters, appliances, and fixtures as well as helping to reverse existing scale problems.

Improved Stain Removal Down With Chemicals


Helps to remove chemicals added to your water by the city to eradicate waterborne germs like bacteria and viruses.

Maintenance and Detergent Savings Hassle-Free

Zero Maintenance

Maintenance-free filtration that lasts 10 years without servicing. On average, LifeSource Systems last 4 times longer than other whole-house water systems.

Protect Your Investments Mother Nature Says Thanks


Saves energy by helping your appliances run more efficently, doesn’t waste additional water or discharge harmful minerals into the ground.

An Essential Ingredient Happy Heart, Happy You


Salt-free softening means a reduced intake of sodium in your diet compared to traditional water softeners - ideal for people with issues such as high blood pressure.

Rich, Shiny Locks Better than Bottled

Clean, Delicious Taste

Better than bottled water quality from every faucet, showerhead and appliance in your home.

But how does it work?

Want to know just how it all works?
LifeSource has you covered - learn all about water softeners and more.

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