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  Features/Benefits LifeSource
Power Package
Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Exchange Tank Water Softener
Requires Maintenance No Yes No Yes Yes
Good Tasting Water Yes Yes Yes No No
Great For Skin and Hair Yes No No No No
Retains Healthy Minerals Yes No Yes/No No No
Good For Dishwashing and Laundry Yes No No Yes Yes
Good For Plants and Pets Yes No Yes/No No No
Requires Additional System For Drinking Water No No No Yes Yes
Limited Water Available No Yes Yes No No
Wastes Water No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slippery, Slimy Feeling No No No Yes Yes
Uses Salt and Chemicals No No No Yes Yes
Negative Environmental Impact No Yes Yes Yes Yes

* Calculations based on a family of 4 using about 90,000 gallons of indoor water per year.
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