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Whole House Systems

The LifeSource Whole House Filtration System coupled with the salt free water conditioner gives showers, sinks, washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers the purest benefits of high quality water better than any bottled water on the market. Start enjoying great tasting water with no maintenance that keeps scale, chemicals and sediments from going in your systems where it doesn't belong.

The LifeSource Whole House Filtration products are:

Elite Home Filter

Elite Water Filter
2.2 million Gallon
Model #: 1620

Premier Home Filter

Premier Water Filter
3.5 Million Gallon
Model #: 2250

Estate Home Filter

Estate Water Filter
5.7 Million Gallon
Model #: 4140

With technology that is top quality, innovative, high performing and still conscious of the environment, the LifeSource whole house water filter system can be a difference maker in your health and in your savings. With water supplies becoming increasingly strained and polluted, purifying water while conserving it has never been more important.

All our models can be installed at your earliest convenience and are:

  • Wrapped in stainless steel for added quality, protection, and durability.
  • Developed for three different property sizes to meet your water residential water needs.
  • Filtration system requires zero maintenance from home owner.
  • System is careful plumbed and mounting safely and securely where it won't encroach upon living or storage spaces.
  • Energy efficient and never wastes water.
  • Highly effective against scale buildup when paired with a hard water Scalesolver sytem.

Our water specialists are available for any questions you may have at (800) 334-5009.

Customer Reviews
Water Softener Reviews
"My 88 year old Grandmother was having problems with dry skin from chlorine. It was very uncomfortable for her with the itchiness and scratching. After just a week with the lifesource system the problem was gone. I'm so greatful! I tell all my friends about lifesource, thanks!"

Charlene Fitzgerald, Santa Barbara, CA

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Water Softener Reviews
"I have owned a Lifesource system for over 7 years and will bring my system with me when I move to Arizona. I love my Lifesource Water System! It is such a comfort to know that every drop of water in my house is fresh and pure - that I drink and cook with, wash my clothes and body in, etc."

Kathleen Jaynes, San Diego, CA

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Elite Series
LifeSource Elite Series
Looking for a Home Water Filter? The Elite series is made for single family homes. View the Elite Series - Home Water Filter

Premier Series
LifeSource Premier Series
Large House Water Filter The Premier Series is designed for large single family homes. View the Premier Series - Large House Water Filter

Estate Series
LifeSource Estate Series
The LifeSource Estate Water Filter is designed for very large estate homes. View the Estate Water Filter

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