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Water Filtration Systems

With a LifeSource Water Filter System you can have clean, refreshing and odor-free water from every faucet and shower in your home with one system.

How a Water Filter Works

The LifeSource Water Filtration System coupled with the salt free water softener provides high-quality water from every shower, sink, washing machine, water heater, and dishwasher in your home. Our system provides great tasting water, prevents scale buildup, and blocks chemicals and sediment from entering your home, with no maintenance.

With top quality technology that is still conscious of the environment, the LifeSource whole house water filter system can make a significant difference in your health and your savings. With water supplies becoming increasingly strained and polluted, it has never been more important to purify water, while conserving it.


All our water filter systems are:

  • Wrapped in stainless steel for added quality, protection, and durability.
  • Developed for three different property sizes to meet your residential water needs.
  • Carefully plumbed and mounted securely away from living or storage spaces.
  • Energy efficient and never waste water.
  • Highly effective against scale buildup when paired with a hard water Scalesolver system.

Water Filter Comparison Guide

The chart below illustrates the significant differences between a LifeSource System and a salt based water softener.

  Features/Benefits LifeSource Salt Based
Water Softeners
Good Tasting Water Yes No
Great For Skin and Hair Yes No
Retains Healthy Minerals Yes No
Good For Dishwashing and Laundry Yes Yes
Good For Plants and Pets Yes No
Requires Additional System For Drinking Water No Yes
Wastes Water No Yes
Regular Maintenance Required No Yes
Slippery, Slimy Feeling No Yes
Uses Salt and Chemicals No Yes
Negative Environmental Impact No Yes

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Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does LifeSource's Water Filter last for?
A. Our water filter's average life is 12 years.
Q. Is city water good enough without a LifeSource unit?
A. Most municipal water systems use chlorine to treat water. While they do an excellent job treating your water, many people do not like the taste, feel, and smell of municipal water. LifeSource filters out the unpleasant tastes and smells to provide clean filtered water, rich in mineral nutrients, from EVERY faucet in your home, even your showers.
Q. What does the LifeSource process add to the water?
A. LifeSource adds nothing to your water while filtering out unwanted tastes and odors. It provides clean natural mountain spring quality water to every faucet in your home: water the way nature intended it! Learn More about the water filtration process.
Q. Can I take my LifeSource water system when I move?
A. The LifeSource system is designed to be easily moved if you change homes. Be sure to exclude the unit in your sales contract, then simply disconnect the unit from the bypass and take it along. Any plumber can re-install the unit for you and your warranty stays in force.

Tested & Certified

Our Products are certified and tested to ensure cleaner, better tasting water. Contact one of our Water Specialists for a free quote and to learn more about the benefits of installing our water softeners.

The Most Recommended Water System in America.

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