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Whole House Water Filter

Whoever said you need salt or chemicals to solve your water problems? The LifeSource Water Whole House Water Filter does not use salt or chemicals.

If you prefer to avoid using salt or chemicals, then our Salt Free Water Softener Systems will be the ideal alternative. Not only will you have clean and delicious water in your home, you will always drink your water confidently knowing that LifeSource Whole House Water System provides the best water- and only water!

Whole House Water Filter

America's best whole house water filtration solution. Quality water that nourishes your home.

A LifeSource Whole House Water Filter:

  • Eliminates Hard Water Problems
  • Is Salt and Chemical Free
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Fits any budget

People are worried about their water quality now more than ever because natural substances degrade the taste of our water. By having a LifeSource Water Filtration System your water will be more pleasing. If your water is good, our filtration system will make it better.

Water treatment varies for every home. Selecting the best water system for your home is crucial.

LifeSource Whole House Water Systems contains different filters. Browse through the Elite, Premium, and Estate series to better understand what clean water means. Read our Water Filter System reviews and see how much clean water has impacted homes.

Our water specialists will help you with selecting the best system for your home.

Elite Series
LifeSource Elite Series
Looking for a Home Water Filter? The Elite series is made for single family homes. View the Elite Series - Home Water Filter

Premier Series
LifeSource Premier Series
Large House Water Filter The Premier Series is designed for large single family homes. View the Premier Series - Large House Water Filter

Estate Series
LifeSource Estate Series
The LifeSource Estate Water Filter is designed for very large estate homes. View the Estate Water Filter

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