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ScaleSolver SS-6633

The LifeSource ScaleSolver converts healthy hardness minerals into harmless, microscopic crystals that do not attach to hard surfaces.


  • Extremely fast acting regardless of hardness level.
  • Long lasting PowerTAC media.
  • No control valve or electricity required.
  • No salt or other chemical additives required.
  • No backwash waste. Can be used where water softeners are banned.
  • Tests show ScaleSolver is more effective than water softeners.
  • Protects the environment and eliminates water waste.

Water Chemistry Specifications

  • pH 6.5 to 8.5
  • Max. Hardness 75 grains (1300 ppm CaCO3)
  • Temperature 41 to 140° F (5-60° C)
  • Max. Chlorine < 3 ppm
  • Max. Iron, ferrous 0.3 mg/I
  • Max. Manganese 0.05 mg/I
  • Max. Copper 1.3 mg/I
  • Oil & H2S Remove pre ScaleSolver
  • Polyphosphates Remove pre ScaleSolver


  • Dimensions 12" x 56.5"
  • Max. Flow Rate 30 gpm
  • Max. Pressure 100 psi

Testing and Regulatory Approvals

  • ScaleSolver tested and certified to NSA/ANSI Standard 61. PowerTAC tested at Arizona State University using the German DVGW -W512 test protocol.

  • *(German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)

Since 2001, our systems have been independently tested and certified by a NSF/ANSI accredited laboratory. Learn More »


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