Commercial Water Filter

LifeSource Commercial 810 System

Designed for Restaurants, Hospitality, and Other Commercial Applications

Filter Specs (F-810c)

The 810 Commercial Water Filter is a no maintenance, whole facility water filtration system. This system includes a fully automatic valve head that runs a self-rinsing cycle every 14-days.

  • Inlet Connection 1” PVC Threaded MIP
  • Outlet Connection 1” PVC Threaded MIP
  • Max. Dimensions 52” x 10”
  • Max. Flow Rate 10 gpm
  • Max. Temperature 140˚ F

*In areas where outside temperatures are less than 32°F for an extended period of time, insulation is required

  • Max. Pressure Min. 40 psi, Max. 100 psi
  • Dry Weight 39 lbs.
  • In-Service Weight 115 lbs.

Power Requirement:
1 standard 110v electrical outlet within 5’ of system or a 24v transformer plugged into a more distant electrical outlet.

ScaleSolver Specs (SS-810c)

The 810 Commercial ScaleSolver is self-contained and ready to use. A simple inlet and outlet connection is all that is required for installation. No backwash is necessary.

  • Inlet Connection 1” PVC Union with Threaded MIP
  • Outlet Connection 1” PVC Union with Threaded MIP
  • Max. Dimensions 49.5“ x 8”
  • Max. Flow Rate 20 gpm
  • Max. Temperature 100˚ F (37.8˚ C)
  • Max. Pressure 100 PSI
  • Dry Weight 17 lbs.
  • In-Service Weight 90 lbs.

* Chlorine must not be above 3.0 PPM.

810 Commercial Spec Sheet

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