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LifeSource Water Customer Reviews

Our customers love their LifeSource Water and so will you!

4.83 | 1558 reviews
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Great experience with installation!

Qi Chang and Wei Huang (Brea CA, 92821)

Arrived early before appointment. And explained Everything clearly. Great experience with installation! -Qi Chang and Wei Huang

Customer service great

Dumont Swezy (Oxnard CA, 93035)

Customer service great. Joe, service tech, is great. Very nice and represents your company well. With regard to water quality and spotting, so far it's great. Thanks, Dumont

My Source Of Water To Live By

Robert Pelletier (Torrance CA, 90504)

The system is great. The service was great for the installation. Good communication. Very impressed with the skill and professionalism of the installer; communication was excellent! He gave me his name but I'm on vacation in Kentucky and can't recall. But if I needed an employee that worked for the best interest of the company it would be this installer and his assistant. Great job. I did have a small problem with payables that was quickly resolved.
-Robert Pelletier

Well worth the investment

Nicole Ashton and Stan Wertlieb (Los Angeles CA, 90064)

Just became a member of the Life source Water family and am loving every single drop.
Started tasting a difference immediately.
Well worth the investment and excellent customer service

Many thanks

Nicole Ashton and Stan Wertlieb

Feel the difference throughout the house

Henry Mascarenas (Union City CA, 94587)

Can't think of any negative things, everything went smoothly and the system works great. I can feel the difference on my skin especially on my arms which were rough and now are smoother. I need to get used used to drinking water out of the faucet instead of the filtered pitcher. Old habit I guess. Water tastes great. Shower door is staying cleaner. Thanks, a good investment. I should have had it installed years ago!

I am very, very pleased with this system

Thelma Roundtree (Las Vegas NV, 89149)

I like the way my skin feels after a shower, my hair is softer and it taste good too. I hated the smell of chlorine every time I put a glass of water up to my mouth. I am also sensitive to chlorine. I am very, very pleased with this system.
Thank you! -Thelma Roundtree

Using a higher quality of water

Erin Amini (Tucson AZ, 85718)

We feel like we are drinking and using a higher quality of water with our system. We really love that it reverses calcium buildup in our pipes and appliances. Thank you!

LifeSource Water keeping us healthy!

Dr Ira Schneider (Northridge CA, 91330)

The sales and service were excellent. Looking forward to moving into my new house with your system keeping us healthy.

Wouldn't want to live without it!

Colin Morinaka (Camarillo CA, 93010)

My first system lasted about 18 1/2 years. It was very apparent when I needed to change the tank and did just that this past week. Wouldn't want to live without it. Also got one for my condo in Las Vegas and my daughter loves it.

Technician was great!

Michael Corwin (Quail Valley CA, 92587)

The Technician was great! very knowledgeable & friendly. Not sure what you can do to improve, but with Technicians like the one that did my install, it unlikely that you would have any unhappy customers.
-Michael Corwin

1... 111213141516... 156  Total Reviews 1558


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