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Why I Bought LifeSource

Roberto Barreto (Ventura CA, 93003)

We wanted higher quality drinking and bathing water system. We also wanted a system that would take up less space and require less maintenance.

Why I Bought LifeSource

Kelly Norris (Waxhaw NC, 28173)

We had purchased LifeSource for our last two homes

Why I Bought LifeSource

Peter Agh (Temecula CA, 92591)

I had the same LifeSource system in my previous house, and I was very satisfied with the water quality.

Why I Bought LifeSource

Stefanie Akerman (Murrieta CA, 92563)

My father has the system and highly recommended it; we also wanted to save on monthly bills and cancel our bottled water delivery.

Why I Bought LifeSource

Veda Annunziato (Paso Robles CA, 93446)

I wanted to be environmentally friendly by no longer polluting the sewer system with salt softener, LifeSource is a Eco-friendly option.

Why I Bought LifeSource

Larry Copenbarger (Orange CA, 92867)

We absolutely love having soft water to drink, bathe and wash our dishes with! Thank you LifeSource!

Why I Bought LifeSource

Edmond Miller (Canyon Country CA, 91387)

Santa Clarita does not allow salt softners

Why I Bought LifeSource

Mike Krebs (Scottsdale AZ, 85255)

why I installed, we looked at cost and maintenance and thought it was the best one

Why I Bought LifeSource

Diane Magnusson (Nice CA, 95464)

Tired of buying bottled water and wanted a whole-house system

Why I Bought LifeSource

April Barrio (Pico Rivera CA, 90660)

Hard water, last 15 years replaced water heater 3 times

1... 121122123124125126... 156  Total Reviews 1558


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