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Why I Bought LifeSource

Paul Wojonowich (Fort Mill SC, 29708)

Convinced by advertisement

Why I Bought LifeSource

Leslie Friedberg (Redondo Beach CA, 90277)

didnt like the hard water deposits, how hard water faded clothes, made hair feel coarse

Why I Bought LifeSource

Habiba Scherzay (Surprise AZ, 85388)

why I installed, water hardness was above average and also needed water filteration for drinking and cooking

Why I Bought LifeSource

Rick Terrazano (Riverside CA, 92506)

remove contaminants, housewide, harmful to plumbing

Why I Bought LifeSource

Ruth Aiken (Green Valley AZ, 85614)

why I installed, we were unhappy with salt water softner

Why I Bought LifeSource

John Young (Henderson NV, 89015)

why I installed, wanted clean water

Why I Bought LifeSource

Shelly Ruffin (Cornelius NC, 28031)

We had a lifesource system installed in our previous home

Why I Bought LifeSource

Chris Coppi (Covina CA, 91724)

sister recommended it - Marybeth Rzeteljski should get credit for this

Why I Bought LifeSource

David Patterson (Derby KS, 67037)

Have moved three times and have had the system installed everytime

Why I Bought LifeSource

Christine Cowart (San Diego CA, 92129)

allergies, smelly water, calcium deposit on new fixtures

1... 126127128129130131... 156  Total Reviews 1558


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