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LifeSource Water Customer Reviews

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Why I Bought LifeSource

Jeanette Dalan (Corona CA, 92880)

my daughter has sensitive skin

Why I Bought LifeSource

Gerald Przybylski (Sun City AZ, 85373)

Get away from salt and to remove chlorine and contaminants

Why I Bought LifeSource

Mary Heaton (Cupertino CA, 95014)

hard water spots on dishes and shower doors, also poor tasting water

Why I Bought LifeSource

Razmik Aslanian (Glendale CA, 91208)

Tired of buying bottled water and had very dry skin

Why I Bought LifeSource

Christopher Blount (Raleigh NC, 27613)

Chlorine level was high in water and wanted whole-house water system

Why I Bought LifeSource

Richard Broadbent (Sacramento CA, 95842)

we could no longer lift the salt bags

Why I Bought LifeSource

Robert Gamboll (Sun City West AZ, 85375)

Wanted a whole-house drinking water quality, low and inexpensive maintenance. Endorsed by Ed Beagley.

Why I Bought LifeSource

Steven Stuk (Mason OH, 45040)

Researched online for a system and compared to other systems it seemed the best

Why I Bought LifeSource

Dan Hohn (Forsyth MO, 65653)

We have hard water and were replacing our water heater elements every 6-8 months

Why I Bought LifeSource

Robert Murray (Henderson NV, 89074)

why I installed, dry skin

1... 141142143144145146... 156  Total Reviews 1558


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