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LifeSource Water Customer Reviews

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Why I Bought LifeSource
Susanne Leonard (Thibodaux LA, 70301)

After hurricane gus we were without potable water for 2 months or so

Why I Bought LifeSource
Deborah Lewis (Los Banos CA, 93635)

whole house system and no more purchase of salt or potassium

Why I Bought LifeSource
Samuel Spitzer (Murrieta CA, 92563)

hard water causing plumbing problems

Why I Bought LifeSource
Meredith Maloney (Riverside CA, 92501)

We want clean and soft water without salt pollution

Why I Bought LifeSource
Howard Wilson (85242)

Customer has high blood pressure and needs little salt intake

Why I Bought LifeSource
Jeanne Phillips (Fresno CA, 93706)

very hard water ruined our water heater

Why I Bought LifeSource
Leah Lalor (Valencia CA, 91354)

seemed to be good option, References I called who also own system gave good feedback. Representative was very informative

Why I Bought LifeSource
Benjamin West (Tampa FL, 33606)

Water purification system that used no contaminant agents

Why I Bought LifeSource
Norbert Hudak (Dublin CA, 94568)

quality of water and rising softener prices

Why I Bought LifeSource
Mark Theofanides (Merced CA, 95348)

We didnt want to continue with salt system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Edward Kajawa (Las Vegas NV, 89121)

why I installed, wanted whole house water system

Why I Bought LifeSource
Dori Hestand (North Las Vegas NV, 89084)

why I installed, wanted clean water, searched online, decided once I watched Ed Begley Jr!

Why I Bought LifeSource
Sarah Carty (92468)

Howard Anderson is a supreme sales person. And my father was a water man - Struthens, OH, Ohio Water Service Co President

Why I Bought LifeSource
Cathy Sarno (Henderson NV, 89074)

why I installed, health reasons

Why I Bought LifeSource
Kathi Acker (Nevada City CA, 95959)

Our previous system kept breaking down and did not treat our well water

Why I Bought LifeSource
David Torres (Rancho Cordova CA, 95742)

we needed soft water and LifeSource used no salt or potassium

Why I Bought LifeSource
Patricia Helvig (Tucson AZ, 85737)

why I installed, we wanted clean water, contaminant free that we could drink and bath in

Why I Bought LifeSource
Erin Hoffman (Stockton CA, 95209)

we installed a new marble shower and didnt want water spots and its great for appliances

Why I Bought LifeSource
Robert Ebel (Sierra Vista AZ, 85650)

why I installed, we wanted to make sure the water we were drinking was healthy

Why I Bought LifeSource
Paul Geller (Beverly Hills CA, 90210)

Highly recommended, continued our soft water service previously had many issues

Why I Bought LifeSource
Sol Fleischman (Tampa FL, 33611)

We heard good things about LifeSource from builders in Tallahassee

Why I Bought LifeSource
Barbara Fryer (West Hills CA, 91307)

cleaner water we could drink and shower in without chlorine and minerals in for health

Why I Bought LifeSource
Barrie Boyett (Corcoran CA, 93212)

Lack of service from Culligan

Why I Bought LifeSource
Stefen Maekawa (Valencia CA, 91355)

The salt softener ban in the Santa Clarita Valley

My installers did a great job!
James Ramirez (Camarillo CA, 93012)

Excellent service and professional installation. Installers were early and installation was prompt without problems. Great job and well done! -James Ramirez

Problem Solved
James Littlejohn (Rock Hill SC, 29732)

The water filtration system is fantastic. I had some issues with the first tank and it was due to the fact that the installer I hired locally used a soaker hose for the discharge and evidently that clogged it up after several years of well water use. If this was installed correctly, the tank should have lasted for many more years. I did call and ordered a new tank and the service was excellent. they gave me a discounted price on the tank. I am happy with the outcome.
James Littlejohn, Rock Hill, SC

What a Difference!
Peggy Ranke (La Mesa CA, 91942)

I absolutely LOVE my LifeSource Water! I am so glad I made the decision to purchase it and follow through to have it installed. From the first shower I noticed a difference in my hair and skin. More importantly, it taste delicious and I am thrilled to drink LifeSource Water. Before, I felt like I was poisoning my body when I drank tap water and with as much water as I drink daily, it was very disheartening . Now, I can drink water assuredly from every faucet in my home!

Peggy Ranke, La Mesa, CA

1... 4849505152  Total Reviews 1557
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