LifeSource Leadership

Jay Wright General Manager
I am proud LifeSource was a green company long before green was cool.

Jay Wright is the General Manager of LifeSource. The son of founder BJ Wright, Jay and his sister (Cherie Harris) inherited the family business when BJ retired. Jay’s hands on knowledge of service and installation, coupled with his extensive water knowledge, continues to propel the growth of LifeSource.

In his twenty years with LifeSource Water, Jay has worked in many departments within the company. His dedication to environmentally friendly and scientific innovation ensures LifeSource is always on the cutting edge of water filtration technology. “We try to give back and help others. I am especially proud of our commitment to Rainforest Flow and other charities.”

Jay is a graduate of the University of Southern California and is an avid competitive Bass fisherman. Jay stays active surfing and playing ice hockey, and cherishes spending time with his daughter.